About Us

Inspired. Eclectic. Customer-committed.

African + Eastern Direct is a premier alcoholic drinks delivery service taking care of the wide-ranging needs of the people from Dubai. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer experience, our knowledge and experience of the drinks industry, and our consistently good offers.

At African + Eastern Direct, we love what we do, and you can tell by how well we do it.

Our aims

We aim to provide an exceptional customer experience through our trio of commitments: great service, great brands and great deals.

Great service

Our customers can now choose from over 1000+ products for same-day delivery at home. All you need to do is pick your favourite alcoholic beverages from our website by 4PM and you can be enjoying them at home that evening.

Great brands

Our range is imported from over 50 countries across the world. We stock the world’s leading and best-regarded brands of spirits, wine, Champagne, beers and ciders. All our drinks are authentic, high-quality labels that are chosen to meet the high standards of our customers.

We are a diverse company and our people make up a blend of tastes, skills and drinks knowledge from across the globe. This collective expertise means that we are best placed to inspire our clientele and to supply Dubai’s international population with the world’s finest beverages.

Great deals

Finally, we are determined to always bring the best prices possible through monthly offers, everyday lower prices and frequent flash offers. Look out for spectacular deals in the Bin Ends and Clearance section of our website, where you’ll find premium drinks at incredibly low prices.

Our origins

African + Eastern began as a small trading company over 60 years ago in 1962… look at us now!

We are the Middle East and Arabian Gulf’s largest importer and distributor of the world’s premier alcohol brands and we continue to grow – our brand, portfolio and unbridled commitment to our clientele.

African + Eastern Direct is the latest addition to our portfolio. It builds on the excellent services we already offer through our retail stores and as hospitality suppliers. African + Eastern already operates over 30 stores in the UAE and 5 more in Oman. We are also proud to serve the regions’ leading hotels, restaurants, clubs, lounges and international hospitality chains.

Now African + Eastern Direct can bring our knowledge, expertise and passion for exquisite drinks straight to your door.

Our responsibility

African + Eastern’s deep roots and long history in the Arabian Gulf means we have a wealth of experience in navigating cultural sensitivities and nuances.

We aim to ensure that every person representing African + Eastern delivers on these promises with sound expertise and professionalism.

We look forward to helping and inspiring you to find your most loved and new favourite alcoholic beverages, and then bringing them directly to your door today.

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